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Along with photographing various projects and events, I seem to always find myself doing things without a camera as well.  I have been approached for many different special services that require the eye of an artist and the skill of a technical expert.  From restorations to producing websites, I have certainly had some interesting proposals over the years.  Below are some examples of some of the other creative services I offer.

Most projects begin at an hourly rate of $40/hr.

All projects are quoted based on specifications needed to complete.


Full website production from scratch including: vision consultation, drafting, photography and video as needed, custom form integrations, and various linking.

Natural Blonde Bloody Mary Mix
Stephen Blackmon Photo + Creative
Embers & Ashes
Saulisbury Business Machines
Mojo Risin' Cocktails + Confections
Revealed Gallery
Sandy Logan | Photographer


Logos, to business cards along with branding for websites, social media platforms and other promotional materials to help your company or organization stand out.


Image Manipulation

Basic cleanups to full restoration and image manipulation.  Every project is unique and requires the eye of an artist and a technical thought process.

Retouch + Colorize

Retouch + Background

This photograph was severely sun damaged and also stuck to the glass of the frame due to moisture.

This photograph was severely damaged with large missing sections.  Overall goal was to cleanup and replace missing sections to improve for reframing.

Color + Sun Damage 

This photograph was sun damaged and faded.  Overall goal was to restore color and eliminate sun discoloration.

This client needed to show what his building would look like without the A-Frame archway and awning along with overall exposure, color, and perspective improvements to the provided cell phone image.  Blue stripe added for his client presentation.

Scene Alteration

Stitching + Retouch

Original map of St. Andrews Fire Dept. Territory.  Photographed, stitched together and retouched with clean-up.

Combine + Restore

The client had two matching vintage posters, both water damaged.  I combined both to rebuild sections and lettering along with replacing the background completely.

Document Cleanup

Below is a scroll document with gold wax seals attached at the base.  The document was first photographed then cleaned up and color matched for printing and framing presentation.

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